4th Annual Painting Profits Summit Ft. Myers, Florida | JANUARY 23-25, 2020 REGISTRATION IS CLOSING!


Discover the Hidden Treasure In Your Painting Business!

Learn How to Pirate the Profits, People and Processes You Need!

Captains of Painting Industry Share Their Secrets for Raiding Rare Resources!



The 4th Annual Painting Profits Summit serves as the yearly catalyst for savvy painting contractors in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries to increase profitability and scale-up by leveraging the peer-driven best practices of America's most successful and proactive owners. 

The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Painter's Weekly will bring over a hundred innovative business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers together from January 23 - 25, 2020 for a two-day journey through optimizing critical business systems in sales, recruitment, hiring, marketing, and operations.

Captains of Painting Profits... Pre-Agenda Savings Event In Progress! 

Brandon Lewis, APPC & PW  

How Painters Can Unite to Leverage Purchasing Power + Reduce Costs  

Jason Phillips, Phillips Home Improvement  

Subcontractors: Stop Hating and Start Loving Them  

Shawn Toliver, Toliver Painting Secrets for Growing Your Rural Painting Businesses That Even City Slickers Can Use

Jimmy Zeski, Fresh Coat Painters

Leveraging Your In-House Client List for Increased Income

Ben & Heather Hall, Hall’s Quality Painting  

How to Consistently Produce High Gross Profit Projects  

Mica & Stacie Little, Little’s Painting  

Growing a “Little” Painting Business Into a Large One

Matthew Rathgeb, Matthew Rathgeb Painting

Networking + Selling Your Way Into Commercial Contracts: BONUS Owner Time Management  

Brian Reis, Bella's Army Painting  

Strategic Lessons from a 2-Year Start Up  

Spotlight on YOUR Business...

Let Your Peers Solve Your Biggest Business Challenge?  

What’s a “Hot Seat” Brandon? During our two “hot seat” sessions, owners are broken into different peer groups based on sales volume ranges. During your session, you’ll have a specific amount of time to address the ENTIRE GROUP to do two things that could transform your business forever...  

#1 SHARE Your Best Kept Painting Secret – This is the one single strategy, tactic, or tool that has been responsible for breakout success in your painting business. Don’t be stingy... every attendee will be sharing their secrets and bringing an example to leave with each member of the peer-group.  

#2 SHARE Your Greatest Obstacle In Reaching Your Goals – Everyone struggles with a specific, recurring problem in their painting business. It could be recruitment, management, operations, sales, marketing, winter work, breaking into commercial, lead generation... you name it.  

What if you could finally solve your biggest painting problem by tapping into the wisdom and knowledge of high-achieving painting contractors? You can! Owners report remarkable changes in their painting business when they directly access the “GROUP MASTERMIND” at the Painting Profits Summit. What will you learn?  

Meet & Mingle with Successful Owners & Help Recognize Remarkable Achievements!

Optional PRE-DAY! The Secret to Increasing Prices and Closing Rates... Simultaneously No Matter Your Market! Unleashing the PowerPaint Presentation Process™ On Thursday January 23rd, 2020 - 1pm-5pm.

Are you constantly competing against low-priced competitors that steal your clients and kill your profit margins?  

What if I told you that price didn’t matter... and that there was a step-by-step formula for consistently commanding premium prices at optimal closing rates? Well, there is...  

Leave this workshop equipped with the fully-complete and done-for-you systems, tools, templates, and manuals you need to succeed in any market – guaranteed!  

This workshop is personally and exclusively taught by Brandon Lewis, Founder of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Publisher of Painter's Weekly. Brandon’s track-record for boosting closing rates and margins through effective, duplicatable sales processes in undeniable.  

Learn his secrets. Seating for this pre-day event is strictly limited due to the room size. Register now!  

Thursday, January 23:

1pm-5pm: Pre-Day Sales Training: Unleashing the PowerPaint Presentation Process - How to Raise Closing Rates and Prices Simultaneously (Add Pre-Day at Checkout as Option!)

7pm: Welcome Reception Sponsored By Sherwin Williams

Friday, January 24:

8am-12pm: Expo Hours and General Session

12 -1pm: Working Lunch

1pm-5pm: Personalized Owner "Hot Seats"

7pm: Academy Awards Dinner Sponsored By Benjamin Moore

Saturday, January 25:

8am-12pm: Expo Hours and General Session  

12 -1pm: Working Lunch

1pm-5pm: Personalized Owner "Hot Seats"

5pm: Closing Ceremonies

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

2020 Host City

What Is There to Do In Fort Myers, Florida? Watch the Video to Find Out... 

 Host Hotel - Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa Beautiful Views in the Middle of It All! 

What can I hope to learn at this event from the speakers and my personalized Hot Seat? This year, we are focusing on the following topics:  

1. Recruiting and Hiring Qualified Painters and Managing Sub Contractors 2. Beating Low-Priced Competitors through Specific Sales Strategies 3. Breaking Into the Commercial Repaint Market 4. Generating Leads Online without Wasting Money 5. Scaling a Multi-Million Dollar Business Year After Year 6. Breathing New Life Into Old Stagnant Painting Companies 7. Managing Your Time Effectively for Massive Implementation 8. Reinvigorating Your Entrepreneurial, Start-Up Spirit 

What will I learn from my personalized “Hot Seat” in front of my peer-group? Frankly, this is entirely up to YOU and the group. Hot seats are designed in two parts: Sharing your greatest success strategies and getting help on your biggest struggles. So, what you learn from your “Hot Seat” experience is in your control. When you register, we will give you specific instructions and a work-sheet so you can make the most of your experience.  

What is the Pre-Day for Unleashing the PowerPaint Presentation Process all about? Many painting contractors get beat on PRICE because they ignore the most important elements of the sales process – namely the persuasive, proof-laden elements. Even when owners understand they need to improve, they do not have the done-for-you tools or tested systems necessary to actually implement a powerful sales system. At the Pre-Day event, we will be providing 4-hours of interactive sales training and all attendees will leave with a complete manual, audio instructions, tools, and templates that are 100% done-for-you and ready to implement in the field within a matter of hours.

To participate in the sales training pre-day, simply register for the additional pre-day at checkout.  

Is the hotel nice? Yes, the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa is recently remodeled, has striking views, great rooms and it's situated near everything. You will enjoy your stay and there are tons of amenities. 

How many attendees do you expect? We expect well over 150 attendees.  

Is there a limited number of rooms in the room block? NOTICE!!! We run out of rooms each and every year! Despite warning people again and again to register early, some people ended up staying in off-site hotels that cost MORE than the negotiated rate and aren't nearly as NICE. If you are considering attending, register and book your room NOW! The rooms will sell out before the tickets do.

How much do the hotel rooms cost? We have negotiated a low rate of $225 per night at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa, which is very affordable for Fort Myers, Florida outside of the peak tourist season. 

What’s the best airport to fly into? The Southwest Florida International Airport is 30 minutes from the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa by Uber, Lyft, cab, or rental car.  

Are meals included? Yes, all lunches and dinners. Thursday welcome reception, Friday/Saturday lunch, Friday dinner at the Academy Awards Ceremony is included in your registration. You are on your own for breakfast, but the hotel has an affordable Palm Court bakery where breakfast is around $7-$10.00 or you can enjoy a more formal breakfast at the Tarpon House. 

Can you tell me more about the organizers of the Painting Profits Summit? The Painting Profits Summit is organized by Painters’ Weekly (PW) and The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors (APPC.)  

PW is a digital publication delivered by email and text specifically designed to empower repaint contractors to become successful entrepreneurs. The APPC is an organization exclusively devoted to helping repaint contractors grow their businesses through innovative sales, marketing, and management solutions. Learn more at www.PaintersWeekly.com and www.PaintersAcademy.com

Are You Feeling Like the Pirate... or the Prey? 

For Owners Who Have Lost Their Swashbuckling Spirit:  

Can you remember the first day you set sail in your painting business... full of adventurous confidence?

You were excited! You couldn’t wait to conquer the world!

You charted a new course every day. You were ambitiously awaiting your opportunity to engage your competitors on the high painting-seas!

You were open to learning new things and exploring new methods. You set your path by the stars. Deep in your heart you knew that...

Owning your own painting business was your ticket to... 1. Limitless personal income that wasn’t tied to the number of hours you worked 2. Freedom from a set schedule dictated by someone else 3. Building equity for an earlier and more comfortable retirement 4. More quality time with your family and friends 5. Creating a legacy you pass down to your children 6. A better life with more options and less uncertainty

That Was Then... This Is Now. Are You Still Captain of Your Own Destiny? Or Are Will You Abandon Ship?

Can you see the younger, more ambitious you in what you are doing in your painting company today? Do you still have that “spark” that caused you to set out on your own? Is it driving you to achieve greater things today?  

Or do you identify with how so many owners feel after three years in the business...  

• Do you drag yourself out of the bed reluctantly every day... afraid of the next catastrophe, problem, or “dumpster fire” that awaits you?  

• Have you been doing the same thing... the same way... for years and years on end – hoping that your bottom-line and daily reality would somehow improve magically?  

• Maybe you’re doing “ok,” but you’ve lost your PASSION for the painting business. Owning a business no longer seems rewarding or fulfilling on a personal or a financial level?  

• Perhaps you’re stalled in your ability to grow without new ideas, tools, or guidance beyond what you’ve been able to discover yourself?  

• It could be you simply feel isolated running your painting company “all alone” and you need to surround yourself with a group of successful, caring contractors who can help... or at least tell you sincerely that they “know how you feel?”

Regardless of your personal situation, let me ask you this...

Are You Ready to Get Your Business Back In "Ship Shape?" 

Are you ready to do what it takes to be feared in your marketplace like a feafearless painting privateer?

1. Are you sick-and-tired of settling for “second-best” when you know you have the potential to live up to your “personal-best” in everything you do?  

2. Maybe it just makes you sick to watch “young companies” and “large outfits” enjoying the obvious success you know you can achieve.

3. It could simply be you are looking for that slight edge that will help 2020 be your best year ever... that elusive idea, tool, or strategy that caused the “breakthrough” you’ve been looking for. 

Finally, you could simply be looking for a proven solution for a specific problem that has been plaguing your painting company for far too long. 

Take my word for it: Someone at the 2020 Painting Profits Summit has already solved that problem. No need to reinvent the wheel or suffer the foul consequences of unnecessary failure...  

Pirates Take Massive Risks, But You Don’t Have to In Painting...

Having a pirate's adventurous spirit doesn’t mean you have to take unnecessary risks. It simply means you must have the ambition and the initiative to improve yourself then follow through.  

The fact is this: When you surround yourself with successful painting contractors, acquire proven systems, and discover powerful tools you are REDUCING the RISK of failing to reach your goals and increasing the likelihood of success at a faster pace.  

However, just in case you still have your doubts about attending the 2020 Painting Profits Summit, let me set your mind at ease...

I’ll Take All The Risk with My 100% PPS Satisfaction Guarantee! You’ll Get MASSIVE VALUE or Your Money Back!

If you attend our welcome reception on Thursday night and the first general session on Friday, yet you feel like you have not received the value you expected, simply approach any member of our staff at the lunch break on the first day and tell them you want a full refund of your registration fee.  

Yep, that’s right... I’m so convinced you’ll gain massive, transformative value from this event that I GUARANTEE your registration fee and that of your guests. All you have to do is let us know by lunch on the first day that it’s “not for you.” But I know that won’t happen...

Listen to the words of the owners who attended last year’s event at the top of this page! Hear the words of owners whose businesses – and yes even their lives – have been radically changed by attending the Painting Profits Summit!  


Every owner deserves a chance to “fall back in love” with the business-end of their painting business. When this happens, things are never the same again...

A Warning for "Painting Pirates" Attending the Painting Profits Summit for the FIRST TIME!


Every year, we run out of rooms in our deeply-discounted room blocks. Every year without exception...  

If you tarry, delay, or procrastinate you will most likely have to stay off-site – away from the action and fellowship so easily accessed by staying at the host hotel.

Are their other nice hotels in Ft. Myers, FL? Yep. But you don’t want to have to hassle with parking, driving, traffic, and lugging your carcass back and forth.

So, go ahead and book your tickets and your room today!

Will You Captain a "Ship-of-the-Line" or a Dingy?

If you’ve read this far, you know there are areas in your business that need improvement. Places where you aren’t measuring up to your full potential.  

Now is the time to ACT while your competition is THINKING. Now is the time to gather knowledge while your competitors are convinced, “This is as good as it gets.”  

If you want exceptional results, wealth, and happiness... you must think exceptional thoughts and do exceptional things!  

Register now to start your exceptional journey to your unbridled success!


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